Our Gourmet Wing Varieties



All our varieties are available plain or breaded.  We use only jumbo, meaty, 2–piece chicken wings.  Not those mini “hummingbird” wings you often find in most bars and restaurants!  Costa’s chicken wings have often been proclaimed, “the best wings around”!


B.B.Q. :  our sweet Honey BBQ sauce


BUFFALO STYLE:  mild, medium, or hot. . . in the style that made Buffalo famous!


BUTTER & GARLIC:  loaded with garlic, parsley and plenty of butter.  You can also add onions to the mix!


CAJUN: our special Cajun hot sauce with cayenne pepper and a splash of chili sauce.


CHILI & LIME:  spicy wings with a splash of lime and chili powder.


GENERAL TSO’S:  bold, sweet & spicy with ginger, molasses, and crushed red pepper!


HOT BACON:  the name says it all!


HOT BLUE:  chunky blue cheese dressing with some sizzle!

HOUSE:  a unique blend of butter, spices, onions, garlic. . . . mmmmmm!


RANCH:  the ever-popular ranch dressing, but it’s on the wings, so no need to dip!


SASSY:  sweet and sour!  A customer favorite but be sure to bring plenty of napkins!


SOUTHWEST ALAMO:  our smoky sweet BBQ sauce base with a little southwestern fire


SPICY B.B.Q.:  a dangerous but delicious blend of bbq and hot sauces.


TOXIC WASTE:  our hottest offering!


ZESTY GARLIC:  our garlicky best with a little zing.


ZESTY RANCH:  ranch dressing with a kick!