Our Gourmet Sub Varieties

Now available on white, wheat or flatbread!



All our subs are available in 6” & 12” sizes on white or wheat sub rolls and NEW flatbread! You may order any sub toasted.  Included are lettuce, tomatoes, onions but we’ll make them to your specific tastes – all you need do is ask! 


 BACON, LETTUCE & TOMATO: The classic BLT but on a sub roll.  Slices of hickory smoked bacon and mozzarella cheese.  The lettuce and tomato slices go on last for a delicious and unique American favorite.


BACON CHEESEBURGER:  our grilled sirloin patties topped with shredded cheddar and hickory smoked bacon.  Then it’s finished off with lettuce, onions and tomato slices.


BAKED HAM:  our finest baked Virginia ham, slices of provolone cheese with onions, lettuce and tomato.


BEEF, BACON & CHEDDAR:  loads of chipped beef and hickory smoked bacon, topped with our barbeque sauce then covered with shredded cheddar for a smoky Southwestern flavor.


BOLOGNA:  America’s most well loved cold cut and quite possibly it’s first sub!


CAPACOLA (hot Italian ham):  a unique, spicy Italian ham is the cornerstone of this delicious sub.


CHEESE:  No meat on this offering, just plenty of cheese and your choices of lettuce, onions and tomatoes.


CHEESE-BURGER: Just like the Bacon Cheeseburger but without the bacon!


CHICKEN CORDON BLEU:  this sub features plenty of grilled chicken breast cubes, a layer of white American cheese, followed by our Virginia baked ham and slices of Swiss cheese.  Great toasted!


CHICKEN TENDER:  deep fried to a golden brown, our chicken tenders are savory and mouthwateringly delicious for that one of a kind sub treat.


CHICKEN WING:  grilled chicken breast cubes coated in your choice of Buffalo Wing sauce (hot, medium, or mild) then topped with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.  One of our most popular specialty subs!


COOKED HAM:  An all-time favorite of sub lover’s everywhere featuring lots of lean cooked ham.


COOKED SALAMI: For that authentic old world flavor!


COUNTRY CLUB:  Can’t decide which meat you like most?  You don’t have to with the country club which features roast beef, turkey breast and baked ham!


GRILLED CHICKEN: Generous portions of our grilled chicken breast meat and your choice of toppings.


HARD SALAMI:  a German favorite with a delicate smoked flavor.


HOAGIE:  chopped ham, salami, American cheese and our special peppery hoagie sauce – an instant classic.


HUBBER HERO: Ham, bologna, salami, American cheese, Provolone, lettuce and tomato . . . and it’s twice as big as a regular sub!


ITALIAN COMBO:  capacola, hard salami and Italian loaf is the basis of this Mediterranean favorite.


MEATBALL:  It’s just what you’d expect.  Our popular Italian pizza sauce, lots of diced meatballs, grated Parmesan and plenty of shredded mozzarella.


MEATBALL BLITZ:    our Meatball sub plus lots of pepperoni and plenty of hot yellow pepper rings on top.


PHILLY CHEESE STEAK:  plenty of thin sliced steak, provolone cheese, mushrooms, green peppers & onions. You'll think you’re in the City of Brotherly Love!


PIZZA:  a pizza on a roll; sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni!


REGULAR COMBO: the original!  Bologna, cooked salami, chopped ham & Provolone


REUBEN:  We start with 1000 Island dressing for the sauce, layer on generous slices of authentic corned beef and fresh sauerkraut.  It’s all held in place by a healthy layer of Swiss cheese!


ROAST BEEF: tender slices of mouthwatering roast beef . . . and plenty of it!


SIRLOIN STEAK:  our sliced beef steak with your choice of toppings!


TACO: this south of the border treat features cheddar cheese, salsa, sour cream, taco flavored ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, green peppers and taco chips!


TERROR HERO:  Identical to the Hubber Hero, but it’s made exclusively for Terror Fans!


TRIO ITALIANO:  we begin with Marinara sauce, then we add our famous Italian sausage, Italian Hot Ham (capacola) and Italian style meatballs.  Provolone, mozzarella and a sprinkle of grated parmesan complete it.


TUNA FISH:  chunk light tuna, celery, mayo with a topping of lettuce, onion and tomato


TUNA MELT:  our regular Tuna Fish sub with your choice of cheese melted on top and lightly toasted.


TURKEY BREAST: savory white turkey breast, cheese and any other toppings you desire!


VEGGIE: No Meat Here!  Nothing but lots of tomatoes, onions, green peppers, oregano and garlic topped with provolone and mozzarella cheeses.


YEEHAW CHICKEN:  our base is fresh tomato salsa or BBQ sauce, covered with succulent grilled chicken breast pieces and diced hickory smoked bacon.  As a topping we use shredded cheddar cheese for that great taste of the ol’ Southwest!


NEW BREAKFAST SUBS:  *Steak, Egg & Cheese, * Ham, Egg & Cheese or * Bacon, Egg & Cheese.  An epicurial delight!  Take breakfast with you in one hand! delicious on white, wheat or "NEW" flatbread.  Your choice of cheese;  American, Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Provolone or Mozzarella!