Dear Customers,

As we leisurely meander down the lazy river of August, summer vacation wanders closer to its inevitable end.  After a year-long hiatus, the McKean County Fair resumes this Sunday for its 115th edition.  Blackberries are ripening all throughout the Pennsylvania Wilds, while the spots on this year’s fawns are fading, while our lawns slowly turn a depressing shade of tan!

It’s hard to accept the fact that Summer’s long daylight hours are getting shorter by 2 or 3 minutes each day beginning as soon as they peak in late June.  And all around the commonwealth, football, golf, volleyball, cross-country and soccer coaches are breaking out equipment and readying practice venues in anticipation of the first day of practice.  In my own back yard, I can hear this year’s crop of musicians attending band camp up on the practice field at the high school, preparing the three new numbers they will perform at each football half-time.

Once again, we will be having an August Meat Bonanza this week but as was the case last month in July, the meat market is just too volatile to predict pricing more than a few days out.  For this reason, we will be putting our bonanza on-line only.  This will allow us to react to current pricing much more quickly and accurately to ensure you the best pricing possible. You can view the featured items on sale on our Facebook site rather than on a hard printed copy.

This week is your chance to stock up on all your favorite cuts of meat; beef, chicken, pork and of course all the incidental cuts.  Many of our customers look forward to Bonanzas so that they can fill their freezers.  It’s always a comfort to know that there are several choices for dinner and when company shows up unexpected, you always have enough to go around.  Some smaller households don’t think that a meat bonanza is something that they can take advantage of, but that is simply just not the case.

If you purchase one of the family packs, or jumbo packs which are priced lower, all it takes is a box of zip lock freezer bags and a little room in the freezer.  It’s very easy to break down a family pack of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for example, into packages suitable for one, two or even three persona families.