WEEK #34 AUGUST 23rd

Dear Customers,

Those long, lazy nights of summer are drawing to a close.  No longer are bedtimes optional, they’re suddenly mandatory. Schools around the Commonwealth get back into full swing this week, many this Wednesday.  The rattle of big yellow buses climbing the Mechanic St. hill in the morning necessitates that I leave the house before 7:30 am just to be able to pull out onto Bank Street without joining the parade and make my way to work!

And, Friday night lights, a fixture in and around the area, will have to wait another week – at least in Smethport as this weekend’s season opener is way over in Warren County at Sheffield Saturday afternoon.  But, of the 9 scheduled games this year, 5 of them will be at Smethport Area Stadium – or at least that’s what is currently planned despite the specter of a resurgence of Covid potentially hanging over the season!

The casualness of summer suddenly morphs into regimented schedules.  One thing that often seems to get more un-regimented is family dinner time!  With practices, meets, matches and games five or even six days a week, coupled with homework. . . dinner with the entire family is more often than not – catch as catch can!

That doesn’t mean that you have to go without a hot, wholesome meal.  Costa’s Deli is here to help.  Besides our incomparable Krispy Fried Chicken, there are multiple entrée choices in our hot case every day.  Subs and pizzas are among the best bargains in town and available in a multitude of combinations and configurations!

If you’re looking for something more closely resembling what you yourself might put on the table, look no further than our sandwich case.  We have a variety of Grab-N-Go meals that are as easy to prepare as their name indicates.  Attractively packaged in recyclable microwave containers, it couldn’t be any easier!  Pick your favorite; everyone in the family can have something to their own liking . . . then pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you have a delicious, hot, wholesome meal.  And the best part?  It’s available whenever your athlete or musician feels the “hungry’s” hit!