WEEK #25 JUNE 17th, 2024

Dear Customers,

When we moved into this building back in 2003, we inherited among other things, a double-door cooler located at the end of aisle #1.  It had been used for cut flowers, bouquets and the like.  Over the years we’ve pressed it into service at best sporadically.  It has probably been empty or nearly so a good share of the time.

That hasn’t always been our fault.  Over the years, we’ve been subject to the vagaries and whims of multiple floral suppliers.  When dealing with very sensitive weather restrictions, supply chain gaps and just plain mule-headedness of multiple suppliers it has become a common problem that invoices are peppered with “out-of-stocks” and multiple excuses.   It has been frustrating and nearly impossible to keep the cooler stocked.

Recently, however, we have taken steps to find a supplier who assures us they will be able to provide us with many beautiful and assorted bouquets and potted plants – on a regular basis!  My wife, Heather, being an avid gardener, has volunteered to order, and otherwise take care of the floral department.  And if her recent success in keeping me on a strict diet is any indication, “them flower retailers won’t know what hit ‘em!”

All this planning is still subject to vagaries beyond our control: temperature, availability, supply chain issues and just plain irresponsibility on the part of growers and suppliers.  We WILL be ordering product to ensure that our display case has flowers in it every time you come into the store.  If and/or when it arrives is sometimes beyond our control, but our goal is to have a floral department that you can count on, particularly when a special occasion sneaks up on you!  A special occasion that only a thoughtful bouquet of flowers can fix!