WEEK #42 OCTOBER 18th – 24th

Dear Customers,


As we look forward to the approaching holidays, there are many enjoyable associated traditions that we look forward to year in and year out.  Many of these, at least for me, are food related!  For instance, if your mom, like mine, used to make meatballs only on special occasions; Christmas, Easter, possibly my Dad’s birthday. . . we considered them a real treat!  Which they were.  My sister and I would even go so far as to hide some where my older brother couldn’t find them!

Another more universal tradition, at least in this country is the Thanksgiving turkey!  It is estimated that 88% of all American families serve turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner!  That’s nearly 9 out of every 10 households!  I have no idea what that 10th family is eating – maybe tofu!  But, like virtually everything else you’ve had to deal with due to the pandemic, turkeys will be in shorter supply this Thanksgiving.  This is being blamed upon labor and production challenges being experienced by all the major packers.

The hardest hit in this latest shortage will be the most popular birds -16lbs and under as well as, unfortunately, fresh turkeys. This may not even become a problem as it looks like this year (at least at this writing) we won’t be travel restricted or restricted in the size of our guest list. People may actually be looking for a bigger bird than last year!

We have been warned that open stock orders will most likely be ignored with only the quantities we pre-ordered back in July likely to make it to our store.  Now . . . that being said, is there a possibility that everybody who wants one will get a turkey?  Absolutely!  It may not be the brand or the size you envisioned but turkey manufacturing plants are doing everything they can to ensure adequate supply – even in the face of the labor problems.

Another holiday tradition, at least for some familys is the annual Prime Rib Roast for Christmas.  Known as “the King of Roasts”, this year’s prime rib costs are projecting to be ‘through the roof!’  That’s not to say that there will be a shortage of this deluxe “King” cut, it’ll just be priced to the point where the majority of people might react, “not this year!”

The holiday marketing report is suggesting a new holiday roast, at least for this year. . . the NY Strip Loin Roast.  They’ve even dubbed it with a catchy new name, “The New York Holiday Roast”.  Indications are that this alternative will be priced about half the cost of a prime rib roast.

Like just about everything else we’ve had to put up with these last 18 or 20 months, its all about adapting and enduring.  Maybe this year, you’ll start a new holiday meal tradition.  There’s always ham!