WEEK #4 JANUARY 24th 2022

Dear Customers,

On the ledge above my desk, sits a clock, a gift from Bill Jones who used to own the Moneysaver.  On the front there’s a little plaque that reads “A NEW BEGINNING MARCH 5, 2003”.  I glance at the time multiple times every day and it’s also how I remember when we moved west down Water Street.  It was a distance of only a few hundred yards, but it was quite an upgrade of our physical plant; more parking, more freezer space, more, well everything!

Our building down next to the Ace Hardware was opened in early 1960 and we operated out of that location for some 43 years.  Is it any wonder, then, whenever I have a dream about work it always takes place in that first location.?

Even though the plaque lists the Grand Opening as March, we actually opened in January with a “soft opening”.  The Herculean effort of moving the entire contents of the old store, to the empty shelves of the new store took place OVERNIGHT!  That seems impossible, even now, but my older brother Sam coordinated the entire move and   it   just   got   done!  

In the weeks spent remodeling the new location, we often deferred to the “experts” on what colors to use in the décor.  Purples, greens, teal, and maroon!  I wasn’t crazy about the combinations 19 years ago and I’ve never grown particularly fond of them.

That’s why, among the “improvements and changes” in the offing for Costa’s Supermarket this year will be a complete décor change.  By décor, I mean all those department markers on the walls above each perishable department, aisle signs telling you what’s in each aisle and pictures used to highlight every department.  It’s certainly time for a change after nearly 20 years, and I am looking forward to the new designs. But like everything else over the last couple of years, it’ll most likely be “hurry up and wait”!