WEEK #7, FEBRUARY 14th, 2022

Dear Customers,

There’s really no point in talking about Valentine’s Day – today.  If you haven’t already picked up some flowers and a card, you’re really skating on thin ice.  You’re the kind of guy that buys his Christmas presents at the gas station – on Christmas Eve!  We probably still have some inventory available if you’re desperate. . .

We’ve taken on a new line of foods in the supermarket that encompasses several departments: grocery, frozen, dairy and ice cream to boot.  The name is “THAT’S SMART” and it is gradually replacing the EXCEPTIONAL VALUE line that we’ve had for a couple of years.  Currently, there are 172 THAT’S SMART items in our warehouse and that number grows every week.

With an advertising slogan of “everyday low price for every-day needs”, you can be assured that your wallet will thank you.  The brand is also recognized as “savings that make cents!”  With a distinctive white label featuring a green elongated circle highlighting the That’s Smart logo, their products are easily recognizable and stand out throughout the store.

Lets be realistic, in any given grocery store, thousands of brands compete for your attention.  The That’s Smart line offers you an economical alternative without sacrificing quality.  You owe it to yourself to sample their variety.  Private label brands, such as this avoid the high costs associated with advertising whether it be television or print ads. That’s how they can keep their prices down compared to nationally advertised offerings.  So give them a try and you too can begin to Live Smart, Shop Smart and Save Smart!