WEEK #11 MARCH 21st

Dear Customers,

Technology is wonderful. . . when it’s working!   And if it isn’t working, can you fix it without calling in an expert!  The term “expert” is completely relative.  I got my first personal computer in the mid-80’s which, by default, made me the expert for many years.  Anytime anyone had a question I was the go-to guy.  Since time and technology stand still for no one, it wasn’t all that long that I fell behind and deferred to my son, Josh, for all things technological.  Much easier to call him than to research the problem!

I’ve been a photographer since 1974 when I got my first 35mm camera for Christmas.  I soon began developing my own film and printing my own pictures.  At first just black and white because it was easier and cheaper.  Then, eventually, color film and color prints. People often asked me for my “expertise” and my help when it came to photography.  Then we witnessed the advent of “digital photography” which was poo-poohed by the traditional film photographers.  As time went on, digital grew in stature and capability until now, it rivals and even exceeds anything done with film.

Enter the portable phone with it’s increasingly more fantastic built-in cameras.  Now, instead of a shoe box full of old photos in the closet we have hard drives full to the bursting with all our digital images.  There became a need for a way that the average Joe could print these digital masterpieces and share them.  That precipitated the development of the digital photo kiosk where customers could bring their digital files and transform them onto paper.

We bought a photo kiosk some 15 years ago and let me tell you – it tweren’t cheap!  But like everything involving computers, technology re-writes itself about every 6 mos.  For the past couple of months, thanks to the pandemic, we were waiting for our new digital printers to replace the ones that came with our photo kiosk.  We were effectively out of business for that entire time as it pertained to providing our customers the convenience of printing digital files.

Like most things you order, we finally received our new printers; one for snapshot size (3½x5, 4×6) and another for 8×10 prints.  We are back up and running and hope to be for the foreseeable future!