WEEK #14 APRIL 4th

Dear Customers,

As far as the grocery industry goes, April is a busy month.  We will have Easter flowers available closer to the middle of the month.  There’s just something about those beautiful, colorful blooms and blossoms that seems to help lift the funk of Winter, at least in our minds!

But, as has been the case these past two years, just because we pre-ordered it weeks ago does not always mean that it will find it’s way to our store!  We’ve been diligently filling out our weekly orders by the appointed deadlines, but there is no guarantee the product will arrive.

Generally, a whole lot more reliable is the meat portion of this month’s selection.  Easter this year is on April 17th which is relatively late.  This usually ensures some good weather, but I wouldn’t guarantee it.  I have memories as a boy, of Good Friday with the temperatures in the 80’s, full sunshine and flowers poking out of the still damp ground.  I also have memories of snowflakes blowing horizontally into my ear as I stood along a trout stream.

Easter features hams of all types: boneless, semi-boneless, spiral cut, etc – all in multiple varieties.  Then too, the less popular leg of lamb (at least in our area) is available bone-in or boneless.  But hams and lambs are for later in the month.  Right now, we’re concerning ourselves with the April Meat Bonanza.  There were years when we would dispense with a Meat Bonanza if it fell in the same month as Easter, but no longer.  These events have become so popular that our customers clamor for them.  We even have people shopping from out-of-state to take advantage of our quality meats at economical prices.

Then too, as April progresses and the sound of lawn mowers cranking up all over the neighborhood becomes commonplace, people suddenly realize they’ve missed firing up the backyard/patio grill and take to the outdoors for their meal preparation.  It won’t be long now!