WEEK #16 APRIL 18th

Dear Customers,

By the time we’ve made it through Easter, the worst of the weather is behind us.  I look forward to sunshine, the aroma of charbroiled meats, freshly mown grass and that unique earthy smell as the ground offers up its hidden assortment of long dormant bulbs.

April is full of promise – the promise of baseball games, track meets and the sound of softball cheers echoing from Hamlin Lake Park.  Hamlin Lake is the focal point of Smethport and judging by the number of people who avail themselves of its charms, it’s likely to stay that way.  On any given day you’re apt to see walkers circling the lake, various sports teams enjoying its friendly confines and fishermen either standing along its shores or floating peacefully out on its surface.

Way back in February, we opted not to attend our warehouse’s semi-annual food show.  It’s held in New England, not close to any airport, so we have to make the decision to drive the eight hours each way in order to avail ourselves of all the deal pricing.  This year, it just was not convenient for us to make the trip.  Not wanting to miss out on all the food-show-centric pricing (many deals are available only in person), I appealed via letter to one of the higher ups at the warehouse who surprisingly allowed us to order and submit our needs on-line – receive the “in-person” pricing as well!

From now until the next food show in August, deals will be filtering into our store on our weekly trucks.  Some stores elect to take those special prices and just absorb the savings into their bottom line.  At Costa’s, we buy with the intention of building displays thereby passing on the savings to our faithful customers.  We have five changeable end caps along the front of our store where we showcase the week’s specials as well as the deals we are promoting. In addition, we have the lengthy “WALL-OF-VALUES” just inside the front door where you can always find tremendous savings on items you’ll use every day.

Each time you come in, expect to find new sales, new items and new savings in every aisle and in every department.  It’s just our way of showing you how important you are to us!