WEEK #23 JUNE 6TH 2022

Dear Customers,
If I consider each of the 12 months for their plusses and minuses, its easy to penalize certain months when ranking them 1 through 12. For me at least, January, February and March are all tied for last place. There are several others who rank in the middle of the pack or between 2nd place and 7th. Of course, I love November and December for the holidays and July and August are also ranked right up there because of their weather.
But if I have to pick a favorite month out of the twelve, it would hands-down be June. Ever since I was a boy, June meant school was out, bedtime was arbitrary, and daylight stretched on till after 9:00pm. The fields and meadows glistened in the morning dew and maintained the most beautiful shades of emerald-green, made all the more dazzling by their contrast to the browns and grays of the spring. A ride along back roads was like eye candy for the soul, often made even more memorable by the sighting of a spotted fawn or two and the sound of red-winged blackbirds trilling from their perch atop a waving reed.
I’ve said it many times and every year, I find myself saying it again -to anyone who’ll listen. . . “there are some beautiful places in the world, but none any more beautiful than June in Pennsylvania!”
With graduations being scheduled all over the area, it bears reminding you that Costa’s Deli (814-887-9371) is available for professional help in all you party needs. We can even help you with determining how much food you’ll need when planning for a large gathering; party, family reunion or the like.
In addition, we have the foremost crew of cake decorators in the area. Tonya and her minions can customize anything you need and with our edible cake printer, we can create just the perfect topping for any occasion. Give us a call and we’ll put our experts to work on it!