WEEK #8 SEPTEMBER 19th, 2022

Dear Customers,

History creates new words and phrases which evolve, usually out of necessity.  If you were to compare a dictionary from 50 years ago to one published in 2022, there would be many, many new entries that didn’t exist in the earlier edition.  For instance, the word, Covid, was unheard of in 1972. So were jeggings, YouTuber, and intel!  The list is long and getting longer.

One of those phrases that we’ve been hearing a lot of more and more frequently is, “supply chain disruptions”!  If you’ve tried to purchase a new car or truck in the last two years, you know exactly what those words mean.  A couple of weeks ago, our big fridge in the kitchen died and after spending two hours on the phone and the internet trying to buy a similar sized replacement, we were forced to settle for something about six inches narrower than the original.  Since it’s built into the wall, we now have a 3” gap on each side!

Supply chain disruption was also the reason given to me back in August why we couldn’t get our new label printer till sometime in October! The new printer is something we’ve needed for a long time.  It goes on your belt and allows us to walk around the store and instantly print shelf tags (prices, information, and order codes) wherever they’re needed.

This may not seem like a big deal, but with over 25,000 UPC’s on our shelves, it’s very easy to lose or misplace a tag.  It seems like I’m constantly printing replacements to the tune of several hundred a week!  The way it works now, is someone gives me a code – I type it into a “tag batch” and when we get a full sheet of them, we print them on our HP LaserJet printer.  Being able to print one or a hundred spontaneously right in the aisle is going to help us to be more productive.  After all, you want to know what the price of something is before you put it into your cart don’t you?

And now, thanks to supply chain disruptions, you’ll be able to in the near coming future!