WEEK #20 MAY 15th, 2023

Dear Customers,

The middle of May is one of my favorite times of the year.  The leaves on our huge maple tree are slowly unfurling, providing shade where there hasn’t been any for the past seven months.  Blossoms on the fruit trees my dad planted are opening up to the sunshine and the ministrations of honey bees.  And I begin to regularly check the 10-day weather forecast to determine if it’s going to be prudent to transfer my tomato seedlings from the greenhouse to the garden anytime soon!

When I was a few decades younger, this time of year was full of the anticipation of summer vacation, the Memorial Day holiday was just on the horizon and the crowds around Hamlin Lake were out in full force.  Most evenings, a drive around the perimeter of our town’s centerpiece would reward one with a baseball game or two, possibly a softball game, several kids practicing their jump shots at the tennis courts, and multiple residents out walking – with several of them pushing strollers.

I remember the years before 1976 when the center of town was not yet a beautiful park and recreational facility.  Two swinging bridges spanned Marvin Creek which flowed into the mill pond and my buddies and I often lost ourselves in the jungles that existed between Water and Willow Streets.  Not yet old enough to drive, we sought the solitude of the dense undergrowth for our campfires, while still remaining close enough to get home when the streetlights came on.

Blessed with longer days and warmer weather, it’s only natural that the area’s residents will spend more and more time outdoors.  One of the casualties of this increased leisure time is the loss of any semblance of a schedule when it comes to supper time.  Golf, track meets, ball games and daily practices conspire to make sitting down with the family at the kitchen table a virtual impossibility!

Costa’s Supermarket can fill in the gaps for you so that your family gets the type of delicious, wholesome meal you yourself would provide if everyone wasn’t so busy being pulled in multiple directions.  Our unparalleled subs, wings, pizzas and Krispy Fried chicken will fill the bill with so many choices that if you ate here every week, you wouldn’t have to have the same thing twice!  Give us a call at 814-887-9371 for the direct line to our deli!