WEEK #26 JUNE 26th 2023

Dear Customers,

I’ve written before about the inefficiencies of the Gregorian calendar and how the federal government sometimes “rearranges” it to create “3-Day Federal holidays”.  This year presents a problem in that the Fourth of July will fall on a Tuesday next week.  So, the question arises, this year. . . do most Americans get a FOUR-day holiday (Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) or do they get the weekend off, go back to work for one day (Monday) and then celebrate our nation’s birthday on Tuesday?

Given the opportunity, most Americans will opt for the 4-day weekend utilizing a vacation day if one is not provided by their employer.  Whichever way you slice it, July is usually the month every year when sunshine and hot temperatures abound.  Couple this with vacation days, whether scheduled or unplanned, and the resultant festive atmosphere lends itself perfectly to food.  Whether it’s a picnic for just the immediate family, a full-blown family reunion or a vacation that brings you into the area, Costa’s Supermarket is stocked and waiting to serve you.

Our shopping hours are convenient; 7am – 9pm six days a week and 8am-9pm on Sundays.  We have the best meat department around bar none, a full-service deli and bakery specializing in homemade sweets and pastries as well as a complete and healthy assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Our friendly and capable staff stands ready to take care of all your shopping needs and we have plenty of parking with handicap accessibility a primary concern.  We also have a full complement of beer and wine as well as a complete selection of snacks to complete your meal.

Need a fresh crust pizza or homemade sub sandwich?  We’re just a phone call away.  814-887-9371 gives you a direct line to our deli-bakery and 814-887-5721 will connect you to our service counter.  So whether you start your holiday festivities this weekend or wait until next week for the actual 4th of July, we are here and completely ready to serve your “birthday” celebration needs.