Week #36 SEPTEMBER 4, 2023

Dear Customers,
  With Fall high-school sports seasons stretching out ahead of us for the next couple of months, it’s often difficult, if not worth the effort, to execute or even plan a family meal most nights.  Practices usually coincide with suppertime as well as games, meets and matches scheduled at various times during the week, leaving Sunday as the only day still unaffected.
When you attend a home football game at Smethport Stadium, you can rely upon the Sports Boosters concession stand for a hot meal; hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fresh-cut fries, nachos and hotdogs are among the choices.  The problem arises when the Hubbers go on the road as they do four or five times a season!  Add to the mix volleyball, cross-country, soccer and golf and the old Studebaker can really rack up some miles in a couple of months.  Many athletes play more than one sport in a season, and this only serves to double or even triple the traveling.
The quality and availability of meals on the road at away games can often leave something to be desired.  Of course, there are host schools that do have a nice concession stand but there are others who simply do not.  And, when you’re traveling out of the way arenas often as far aways as New Bethlehem, Troy and Rimersburg you can’t rely on there being a good restaurant in the vicinity.
When my wife got her first job at Renovo High School, right out of college, she was impressed by the town-wide tailgate that occurred before every home football game!  Essentially anyone who could walk, run or drive showed up for it and they’d have different big events, maybe a chicken BBQ or a pulled pork fest.
Coupled with the uncertain nature of traveling to faraway schools for sporting events, is the knowledge that you can’t be guaranteed a good meal when you get there.  That is, unless you call in an order to Costa’s Deli before you get on the road and stock up on our freshly made, subs, chicken wings, snack foods and drinks.  Then you’ll be sure to get a delicious meal that is exactly what you want.  You can tailgate in the parking lot and be confident your meal will be better than anything you might hunt up on the way!