WEEK #38 SEPTEMBER 18th, 2023

Dear Customers,

As I announced back in March of this year when our managers attended the bi-annual food show in Connecticut, we were once again present this past August for the Fall-Winter event.   While there, our managers took advantage of many, many great deals that are, for whatever reason, available only if you are in person at the show!  Sure, we can shop “on-line” for deals on the Food Show web site, but they reserve the best pricing for those actually in attendance.

One of the most important reasons to attend the show is to take advantage of the “Truck-Load Extravaganza” which is just what it sounds like.  Special pricing on large quantities, pallets and displays is available on an entire sub-booklet of items.   You may have noticed that the more you buy of an item, the cheaper the “unit” price.  That’s because it’s just more economical to package larger quantities in fewer containers.

All these bargains will begin appearing in our aisles and on our end-cap displays over the next several weeks and continue up to and including January.  We see this as an excellent opportunity to extend great deals to our customers.  You won’t be disappointed, but just like those attending the food show – you’re actually going to have to come in to take advantage of the deals.

Also, in the next week or two you’ll be seeing our annual apple display featuring large “field-tote” containers of apples fresh from the orchard.  These huge containers hold upwards of 850lbs each and will feature many varieties of your favorite apples; cooking, baking, cider-pressing and just plain eating apples – all at substantial savings.  October is known in the grocery industry as National Apple Month and over the next few weeks, we’ll be loading up on all things apple for your shopping convenience!