WEEK #45 NOVEMBER 6th, 2023

Dear Customers,

With approximately 83% of this year already in the books for 2023, we’re left with two of the biggest “celebratory” months of the year.  November and December are arguably the penultimate food celebration months out of all of them.

Thanksgiving is the largest food consumption day of the year in the United States (Super Bowl Sunday is second!).  That may be due in large part to the huge number of turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving.  Last year, it was estimated that some 46 million turkeys are enjoyed on the big day!  With even a small bird, weighing about 10lbs, it’s easy to see how Thanksgiving achieves its #1 status.  That doesn’t even include the sheer weight of all the other delicacies gracing the holiday dinner table.

The major difference between Thanksgiving and Christmas, as far as food consumption goes, is that Thanksgiving is pretty much a “one-day-and-done” kind of holiday whereas Christmas often continues for the entire month of December what with all kinds of parties and festivities scheduled.

Many shoppers find themselves pressed for time when preparing meals for friends and family.  Instead of letting yourself stress over all the additional work, which in turn, makes the holidays less enjoyable, why not let Costa’s Supermarket’s professional staff help you in your time of need?

Our bakery is second to none with the vast majority of products homemade on the premises.  Why waste the entire day baking cookies for Christmas when you have the luxury of just picking up an assortment of sweet delicacies from our display.  The deli will gladly whip up a few party platters that can compliment any holiday event:  meat & cheese, veggies & dip and brownies – to name just three of the 20 or so platters available.

Our Meat department will cut anything to order and can provide the best roast beef on weck in the area – with a mere 24 hours advance notice.  Take the worry out of your holiday preparations and let Costa’s Supermarket lend a hand.