WEEK #13 MARCH 25th, 2024 (EASTER WEEK)

Dear Customers,

I remember years as a boy, when the weather was so beautiful for Easter week that the sun shone brightly in blue skies, the bulbs previously long dormant in the cold ground were all abloom and everywhere you could virtually smell Spring in the air.  That being said, I can also remember Easter weeks where the snow blew horizontally in one ear and out the other!  Easter egg hunts were more an exercise in stamina than treasure hunting!

While a lot of people, particularly under the age of 20, would identify Christmas as their favorite holiday of the year, (due in large part to the gifts that are exchanged), the older one gets, the more important the Easter holiday becomes to them.  After all, it is the culmination of all things pertaining to Christianity for the year.

Last week I mentioned that we had lamb available for those who enjoy it or are maybe wanting to try something new this year, but this week I’d like to call your attention to our selection of Easter hams!  We have boneless, semi-boneless, spiral-cut in several flavors and just about anything you could want in the way of ham – multiple brands, multiple sizes and multiple varieties!

I should also mention our beautiful and fragrant display of Easter flowers and bouquets that make excellent gifts for shut-ins or just as a gorgeous centerpiece for your holiday dinner table.  Don’t wait until they’re all picked over!

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to remind you all of our holiday hours here at Costa’s Supermarket.  We will be open until 8pm Easter Eve and closed all day Easter Sunday.  I say this every year, but judging from the tire tracks leading up to our front door every Easter, nobody is listening!

From the Costa Family to yours . . .

May you have a happy & blessed Easter!