WEEK #15 APRIL 8th, 2024

WEEK #15 APRIL 8th, 2024

Dear Customers,

Just about a month ago, back in the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, our manager drove to Connecticut for three days to attend the bi-annual food buying show sponsored by our wholesaler.  While our warehouse is located in Dubois, the actual company is based in Vermont which, I guess, explains why the trip to New England.

Several years ago, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, we were permitted to go “online” for our food show buying which we in Northwestern Pennsylvania found much more convenient than wasting several hours in travel – both going and coming!

But, the trip to New England, while both time-consuming and lengthy, is well worth it when you consider that many of the deals are only offered to those stores that actually show up at the venue.  I’ve never understood why attendance is mandatory.  Perhaps they know that given the option of staying home and shopping from one’s own computer as opposed to making the trip, most stores located more than 100 miles away would opt for the first choice.

“However,” or “wherever” the orders are placed, the fact remains that you, our customers, are the beneficiaries.  Starting this month and continuing throughout the summer deal prices will be trickling in every week and often every delivery!

Every department will showcase new items, special deal pricing and displays purchased at extra hot savings.  And we don’t just pile the stuff on the shelves hoping that you will notice it.  For several years now we’ve had the ability to customize our weekly ad plans either adding items not in the original ad plan or removing those items we feel wouldn’t be that attractive to our clientele.  This gives us the flexibility to tailor our offerings to ensure that each ad plan is most attractive.  So, pay attention, shop the entire store and you’ll reap the benefits that make shopping here well worth the trip.