WEEK #37 SEPTEMBER 13th 2021

Dear Customers,

Professional sports are huge in this country.  The majority of Americans follow at least one of the major sports and some – all of them!  Baseball claims to be America’s game, but in reality, football comes in first with baseball right behind in second place.  Pro basketball is third followed closely by hockey. Soccer rounds out the top five!

This past weekend, the NFL began their regular season schedule with a few changes for 2021. For the first time, there are 17 regular season games for each of the 32 teams. Owners and fans welcomed the additional game, the players not so much.  They’re the ones who take the beating and one more game only increased the odds that there would be injuries, sometimes career ending. Pre-season games were reduced from 4 to 3 to mollify the player’s association a bit.

With NFL games on television some weeks as many as five days out of seven, the viewership has ample opportunity to support their favorite team(s).  Both the area’s most popular teams, the Steelers and the Bills, are expected to contend for the post season – again!

When I think of watching a football game ( or several ) food always enters into the occasion.  When the weather starts to get cooler, there are few things my family enjoys more than a kettle of homemade soup or stew on the stove.  We don’t have a set meal time, we just re-visit that kettle all throughout the afternoon, particularly on Sundays!

But for many people, cooking is neither enjoyable nor in the offing.  That’s where Costa’s Deli enters the picture.  We have the best pizzas, subs, wings, salads and fried chicken anywhere around.  We began making our famous “game fare” over 30 years ago when we were still located down at the end of East Water Street.  In the ensuing years, we’ve become synonymous with good food – quick and economical.  None of the big chains, or even other local establishments can match our selection and pricing, because we make so many of them every week!

All it takes is a quick stop at the deli while you continue your shopping or, if you prefer, you can access our direct “HOTLINE” to the deli at 814-887-9371.  Our fresh dough pizza takes about five minutes to cook after you’ve decided how you want it built.  Subs take very little time, unless of course we’re very busy but even then, we’re fast and efficient.  You can spend the waiting time perusing our selection of wine or cold beer which is adjacent to the deli.  Our 12-foot sandwich and salad case is also accessible if you just want to grab and go.

When you’re watching the game, there’s nothing more convenient than a call to Costa’s Deli, open 7 days a week and just waiting to fill you up with delicious, wholesome and economically priced meal options.