WEEK #1 JANUARY 3, 2022

Dear Customers,

Reboot, restart, “proceed past Go, do not collect $200”. . . these are just some of the ways to say the same thing.  It’s 2022 and when the new year rolls around we are faced with beginning all over again.  The difference between 12/31/21 and 1/1/22 is negligible. The days look the same, the weather usually doesn’t change much overnight, and the sun still comes up – even if it’s hidden by a thick, gray cloud cover.

Fortunately, at least to my way of thinking, there is plenty of football and college basketball on the tube to mitigate the boredom! From now until the Super Bowl, any football game you may watch is rife with implications.  As teams are jockeying for position to enhance their play-off ranking, there’s an intensity that is generally lacking through the first four months of the season.  That intensity is what makes January NFL games as exciting as March Madness – that win or go home mentality.

As you gather with family and friends to partake of televised sports you will undoubtedly reach a point where you think to yourself, “wow, I could sure go for some _______________”  Fill in the blank here with Costa’s fresh-dough pizza, chicken wings, subs or even a nice party platter.  A visit to Costa’s deli will provide you with the perfect compliment for your get-together.  And, to make things even more convenient, you can pick up your favorite adult beverage(s) at the same stop.  Call ahead to have your order ready and waiting for pick-up;  814-887-9371.

Over the past 12 months we have made many changes and improvements at Costa’s Supermarket.  We completely revamped our entire Dairy Department line-up with new state-of-the-art LED lit refrigeration.  Shortly after that, we replaced the entire wall line-up of frozen food cases with the same up-to-date frozen food cases.  The effect was astonishing!  The old freezer displays had been with us since 1986, and to say that there had been a lot of advancements in the past 35 years would be an understatement.  Then, late in November we installed four new Self Check-outs that have been an excellent investment, saving you time normally spent waiting in the check-out line.

Without divulging too much, suffice it to say we will be undertaking a whole new set of improvements during the coming year.  It wouldn’t be prudent to announce them as timetables have had a way of being rescheduled – repeatedly!  Suffice it to say that as projects become closer to reality you’ll be able to read about them here, first.