WEEK #2 JANUARY 10th, 2022

Dear Customers,

As we venture into the New Year, there are literally no breaks of a holiday type until Easter.  That is unless you count Valentine’s Day and/or St. Patrick’s Day.  And I don’t count them because they’re not holidays that are generally embraced by the majority of people.  If you have a sweetheart, you might acknowledge Valentine’s Day with some flowers, a card or a romantic gift.  If you’ve been married as long as I have, you might just ignore it all together!

St. Patrick’s Day is important to the Irish and virtually anyone who needs a mid-week excuse to drink green beer and possibly forget the last three dreary months of winter!  And once St. Patty’s Day has passed us by, it’s another whole month until Easter, falling this year on April 17th.  That’s within about 8 days of falling on the latest date that Easter can possibly happen; April 25th.  Suffice it to say, there’s a long haul between the second week of the year and the next big holiday; about 14 weeks to be exact.

When you live in the Northwest corner of Pennsylvania, winter can be bitterly cold, or not.  It can also feature multiple feet of snow, or not.  We look at wooly caterpillars, woodchucks and the Weather Channel trying to determine just what’s in store for the first quarter of the year.  The only thing that can truly be determined is that since the week of Christmas, each day gets one or two more minutes of daylight and its always a pleasant surprise when you suddenly realize, “hey it’s 6pm and it’s still light out!”

You may have noticed we’re still upgrading, albeit slowly.  We ordered a new frozen food case to be placed across the back of the freezer section, right across from the cold cut case.  That was in June or July.  We were absolutely certain we’d have it in place in time for Thanksgiving and we’d be able to utilize it for displaying frozen turkeys, turkey breasts, shrimp rings and bags of shrimp!  Well thanks to your friendly world-wide pandemic, it wasn’t installed until the week before Christmas!

We look forward to utilizing it in many innovative ways complimenting our frozen meat and seafood section over the coming months.  We’ll be able to take advantage of bulk buying, sale pricing, and displays for holidays throughout the coming year.  As new developments become available, we’ll notify you here in this column.  The one thing you can rely upon is that it will always be later than we planned!