WEEK #27 JULY 4th – 10th

Dear Customers,

People around McKean County, particularly those with school-age children look at the 4th of July as about the halfway point of summer.  In reality, according to the astrologists, the midpoint of Summer isn’t until around the second week of August!  Just one more instance where the school calendar overrides the actual one!

The “middle of summer” is the perfect time for us to hold our Mid-Summer Meat Bonanza, however!  Special pricing on beef, pork, chicken, sausage and various items from one end of the meat case to the other, lend themselves perfectly to a Bonanza.

One of the most popular items in our Bonanza, particularly here in the height of grilling season is the boneless chicken breast.  When cooked correctly, they are absolutely delicious, juicy and lend themselves to a million different recipes.  However, when cooked incorrectly, they can turn out dry, rubbery and bland.  Some grillers believe that marinating the chicken before grilling can save it from drying out.  Often, however, it’s the marinade that causes the problem!

To ensure the best grilled chicken, it helps to either pound or slice the chicken breasts into even thicknesses, about ½ inch.  Marinating the chicken overnight or for at least four hours is also acceptable.  There are literally a gazillion marinades and rubs to try!  To grill, preheat the grate to high heat, then clean and oil the bars.  Chicken that’s ½” thick only should need 2 to 3 minutes per side.  If your try to flip the chicken and its stuck, give it another 30 seconds.  It’ll release naturally when ready.

Lowering the grill cover during cooking and utilizing a meat thermometer (165°F) are two great ways to ensure a tender, juicy cut of chicken.  And always allow the meat to rest for 3 to 4 minutes before cutting into it.  This helps keep the juices in and retains the meat’s moisture.  Follow these simple steps and you will have a delicious, flavorful and juicy chicken breast when you’re done!