WEEK #29 JULY 18th, 2022

Dear Customers,

Back around the time when we were all concerned with “Y2K” and the havoc it would wreak on our computer systems, a movie was released called “The Perfect Storm”.  It starred George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg among others.  When I think of my own “perfect storm”, it features me sitting on a covered porch with a gentle rain falling straight down, not blowing in on where I’m sitting! And to complete the picture, I probably have a good book and a warm blanket.

The perfect storm in this instance, which was based upon a true story, occurred when three powerful storms converged simultaneously on the Northeast.  Waves as high as 100 feet with winds measuring 80 knots (92 miles per hour) resulted.  A perfect storm has come to mean “a critical or disastrous situation created by a powerful concurrence of factors”.  Can you see the similarities with our current economic climate?

Right on the heels of a global pandemic, now stretching into its third year. . . we have a gasoline/diesel crisis, war in Europe, transportation and procurement issues, labor shortages and even an avian flu outbreak.  It is absolutely a perfect storm of all things designed to literally knock the crap out of our economy by driving prices to unprecedented heights.    The part that really stings is when the experts admit there’s, “no relief in sight”!

In the grocery industry, we’re often seen as the culprit when we are in the exact same boat as everyone in the country.  Shortages, continuous price increases and never knowing when, or even if, we’re going to be receiving the stock we’ve pre-ordered, are weekly problems.

That’s exactly the reason that you’ve been seeing Two or Three-Day Sales regularly in our meat department.  Sometimes we are privy to special sales that come upon us without warning.  There’s no time, with the lag in printing deadlines, to get the items into our weekly ad.  For whatever reason, perhaps the meat packers got a super-hot deal, maybe they find themselves over-stocked or whatever the reason behind it, they offer the specials to the individual meat departments.

Years ago, we wouldn’t be able to notify our customers of these savings other than in-store.  You, as the shopper, would just find the deals as you shopped the case.  Now, however, we can utilize the internet (Facebook) to get the word out instantaneously and get the product into your hands as quickly and efficiently as possible!