Week #30 JULY 25th – 31st

Dear Customers,

When one thinks of particularly “summer-time” foods there are certain ones that always come to mind.  Among these are locally grown strawberries, homegrown sweet corn, hot dogs and, of course, ice cream!

We enjoy these delights year-round thanks to the network of transportation available to us, but it remains that they are even more delicious in the summertime.  Sweet corn from Florida, while “not bad” doesn’t compare to the flavor of just picked ears, still warm from the sun.  The same goes for strawberries. The berries that come from the southern states are large and beautiful, but they don’t often have that just-picked taste or aroma that locally grown berries do.

Ice Cream, however, tastes delicious any time of the year – it’s just that we don’t crave it quite as much when the temperature hovers around the single digits.  I just can’t see myself enjoying a popsicle as much when it sticks to the roof of my mouth.  But, when warm weather rolls around, I see our ice cream deliveries begin to creep up.  We get four trucks a week from our major warehouse and each of them includes ice cream and what are known in the grocery business as “novelties”.  Novelties include items such as ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, fudge bars and pretty much anything that doesn’t come in a huge tub like ice cream.

During the last year, our wholesaler replaced some 15 hard to get Best Yet “novelties” with a delicious line of products called Crav’n.  They include sandwiches, shortcake bars, fruit bars, pops, fudge bars, crispy crunch bars, ice cream bars and ice cream cups.  Now, I couldn’t in good conscience, recommend them if I hadn’t tried them – and while I haven’t as yet sampled all the varieties, I AM working my way through them!  Of the varieties I have tasted, my favorite is the Strawberry Fruit Bar.  It’s truly lip-smacking good!  Plus, we were told recently at the regional meeting in June that more Crav’n items are in the pipe-line and will be arriving in the warehouse soon!