WEEK #31 AUGUST 1st, 2022

Dear Customers,

When I graduated college in 1976, it took me quite a while before I stopped getting that “nervous” feeling in the pit of my stomach as the middle of August rolled around.  For nearly two decades, that time of year had always meant “back-to-school”!

My wife, who recently retired from 30 plus years of teaching math is facing a similar situation.  Even though her last day was in the first week of June, I don’t think it has really hit her yet because let’s face it . . . she has always had the summer off!  In another couple of weeks, it’ll really come home for her.

August, in addition to back-to-school clothes shopping, is known for many other things; the McKean County Fair (arriving in two weeks), hot days accompanied by chillier nights, and the reintroduction of some sort of schedule back into our lives after three months of just “chillin’!

If your summertime household is anything like ours, meals are mostly “catch-as-catch-can” meaning an actual sit-down meal at a prescribed time is rare indeed.  Generally, the refrigerator door swings non-stop throughout the day to repeated cries of “what’s for dinner?”  Sandwiches are the norm rather than the exception and meals that include both an entrée and a “side” are rare indeed.   Then, just that quickly, school starts up again and mealtimes take on a little more urgency.

Probably more so in the fall, than during any other season of the year, sports team schedules including games, meets and the almost daily practices throw another roadblock in the way of family time meal sharing. Costa’s Deli can help ease the strain.  Our extensive customizable sub and pizza menus are certain to contain choices that satisfy every member of the family.   Our Krispy Fried chicken along with our wing menus are without par.  You can view our choices on our website: www.costassupermarket.com.  Under the tab “ABOUT US” you’ll get a drop-down menu with a multitude of tasty choices.  You can reach our deli quickly using their direct phone line:  814-887-9371.  Post that on the wall next to the house-phone or add us to the contacts on your cell phone.  Make it easy on yourself, we’re open from 7am – 9pm six days a week and 8am-9pm on Sundays!