WEEK #49 DECEMBER 5th, 2022

Dear Customers,

It seems hard to believe that over 90% of 2022 is history.  In fact, all that’s left is the month of December!  But the last month of the year promises to be chock full of so much festivity that it will sap your energy and try your patience.

For the next three weeks (or less) most of us will be busily occupied with gift buying and wrapping, attending the mandatory Christmas choir concerts and trying to find the time to do any baking and/or decorating that we’ve planned.  On top of that there are parties to attend and even to host.  There’s so much crammed into this one month that many people just buckle under the pressure and start hitting the spiked egg not pretty heavily!

If you don’t want to become a “Nog-aholic” you have options.  So much of the Christmas holiday is food related and you have experts at your disposal at Costa’s Supermarket!  Our meat department is second to none.  Our staff is accommodating and anxious to please.  “Have a special request?”  All you have to do is ask and Corey will do his best to get your order ready in a timely manner.

Our produce department gets 4 deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables every week.  If you don’t see what you want, you merely have to ask us.  Dusty and his staff will put forth the extra effort to fill your needs, whether it be a hard to find item or a custom made fruit basket.

And that brings you to our deli-bakery.  No department in the area offers our selection and quality.  When most supermarkets are opening a box from the freezer and subscribing to “thaw and serve”, our bakery makes most of their products from scratch.  I know several women in town who, rather than bake their own cookies when called upon, will stop down to the bakery and pick up selections from our delicious assortment of homemade sweets!  We have a full-service bakery and Tonya will handle special requests without batting an eye.

Our deli offers the finest subs, pizzas, wings and fried chicken everyday of the week.  Our party platters come in a couple dozen varieties and are the perfect solution when you’ve been asked to bring a dish to pass.  Vicki will fill your requests cheerfully and quickly.  Our deli-bakery has its own hotline for ordering, too. Call 814-887-9371 and speak up.  We’re ready to serve you.