WEEK #50 DECEMBER 12, 2022

Dear Customers,

You’ve no doubt heard it said, “an elephant never forgets!”  Humans, however, are prone to forgetfulness.  We forget mercifully, habitually, and conveniently!   When my oldest son was born in 1975, I wasn’t allowed in the delivery room which was fine with me.  However, for births two through five I was expected to be front and center – camera in hand!

I remember being struck by the fact that there was so much pain and suffering associated with childbirth that why would any woman undergo it more than once?  Well, apparently the beauty of the occasion far outweighs the discomfort because mothers are soon right back there in that delivery room, often multiple times-or perhaps they just forget!

In much the same way, I imagine the new sewer lines, water lines and shiny, seamless blacktopped roads will one day be worth all the turmoil, construction and potholes of 2022. Probably by this time next year, we will have forgotten the inconvenience and uproar to traffic patterns in the Borough!  There are few drives more beautiful in or around Smethport than the two-mile loop around Hamlin Lake.  So why is it such an inconvenience when flagmen and ROAD CLOSED barriers force you to take the scenic route?  It may have something to do with my own innate stubbornness!

Speaking of memory, perhaps you remember when we ran our weekly ad the same for both of the two weeks prior to Thanksgiving.  Well, we hope you liked it because we’re doing the same thing (with a few minor exceptions) for the two weeks before Christmas!  That’s right, this week’s ad will be virtually the same as the one you get next week.  This often works out for the best for our customers who may get paid bi-weekly.  You won’t have to miss out on all the hot bargains just because your paycheck comes on the wrong week.

And hopefully, when you drive into our parking lot, to take advantage of all the holiday savings, you’ll be able to avoid the rather large and persistent pothole surrounded by orange traffic cones on the border between us and Water Street!