WEEK #52 DECEMBER 26th, 2022

Dear Customers,

There is an old fable about a young swineherd who accidentally burned down his family’s cottage killing the nine pigs trapped inside.  While trying to invent a plausible explanation, he became tempted by the delicious smell emanating from the burning rubble.  He had some difficulty getting his father to take a taste because for generations they had eaten their meat raw, but once he did, the rest is history.  The cottage mysteriously burned down every year after that!

Eating pork (and sauerkraut) on New Year’s Day is thought to be good luck.  There are several suspected reasons.  When foraging a pig roots for food going forward as we always go forward into the new year.  We couldn’t eat lobster or chicken because a lobster scuttles backwards across the ocean floor and a chicken scratches around on the ground going backward.  Another reason for eating pork is because it’s so rich in fat which signifies prosperity!  So the thought is “if I eat pork on the first day of the new year, I will enjoy a lucky and prosperous year!”

The last reason regards the cabbage.  Even though it’s served in strands, it originates from a round head which is a shape considered to be lucky.  Also, it’s green which many think signifies financial success.  Personally, I eat this particular combination because I think it’s delicious, and I suspect many of you also would choose flavor over luck!

At any rate, Costa’s Meat Department will be chock full this week and in addition to beef, pork, sausage, etc., we will have a particularly large display of pork in all it’s cuts.  Right next to it will be the fresh sauerkraut.  Of course, if you prefer the canned varieties, we will have an abundance of sizes and brands in Aisle #2.

Whatever you choose for your New Year’s menu, pork is an excellent option because it remains far below beef in price.  Of course, if you’re going to spend the day enjoying College Bowl games, you may want to give our deli a quick call.  (814-887-9371).  We have subs, wings, pizzas and fried chicken not to mention all the regular choices.  And conveniently the soda and the beer and wine sections are close by!  From the Costa family and our Employees, have a . . .

Happy, Healthy & Safe New Year!