WEEK #2 JANUARY 9th, 2023

Dear Customers,

Perhaps you haven’t seen them yet due to the holidays.  But you will, inevitably become closer and more familiar with them in the near future.  I’m not referring to long lost friends or visiting relatives from afar, but rather the deluge of credit card bills which result from spending the month of December in an unusually festive giving mood.

Every year, my wife and I get nervous around mid-November and start buying Christmas gifts, because, after all there are only six shopping weeks left until Christmas!  By the time Black Friday rears its ugly head, we’ve generally finished up buying for the kids, the grand-kids and each other.  Except somebody forgets to tell my wife.  Even though she pronounces us “ready” for Christmas by the end of November, our friend the delivery man in the big brown truck continues to make almost daily stops at our door.

I’m sure many of you also overspent trying to make the holiday “merry and bright”.  That’s why a Meat Bonanza this week makes perfect sense with its many ways to save on your food bill.  Let’s face it, you still have to eat so buying the main course at a reduced price makes it a little easier to handle the extra bills appearing in your mailbox all this month.

I’m a big proponent of cooking outdoors, even in the dead of winter.  The absolute best way to cook meat on a grill when the temperatures are hovering between zero and slightly above is “low and slow” – and especially using a good quality meat thermometer.  You can count on it taking longer, it’s just the way it is, but if you check the thermometer frequently you should have no trouble getting an outstanding result.