WEEK #3 JANUARY 16th, 2023

Dear Customers,

This morning, while driving down Water Street to work, I had one of those unbeckoned flashbacks from about 60 years ago.  The lot where Costa’s Supermarket sits was once the community ice skating rink.  It was surrounded by forest which is now occupied by the Emerald Isle trailer court.  From the first freeze to the first thaw, my sister and I, along with many of our friends were daily visitors to that rink, often going home only for lunch and supper.  During Christmas vacation, which always seemed longer back then, we spent the bulk of our time there skating, visiting with friends and playing “Capture the Flag”!

The middle of January doesn’t hold much for the average person, unless you own a snowmobile or a pair of skis.  I look forward instead to the NFL football play-offs which add a little excitement to brighten up the weekends at least.  Very few things go with a football game like snacks and drinks.  Costa’s Supermarket is your perfect destination for both.  Whether it’s just pretzels, chips and dip or something more elaborate from the meat department or deli, you can’t go wrong by calling 814-887-9371 for our direct to deli hotline!

And, speaking of the meat department. . . One of the best things about our warehouse is that they’re constantly (maybe not constantly, but at least regularly) sending us e-mails with “SPOT BUYS” that are limited in quantity and extremely attractively priced.  It’s almost a game to see if we can place an order before their all sold out.  These are the items that often make their way onto our Facebook page for one, two or even three-day spontaneous meat sales.

By the very nature of these “unplanned” deals, we wouldn’t be able to get them into our regular advertising because they happen so quickly and unexpectedly.  That makes Facebook the perfect vehicle to get our message out to our meat-loving customers in as short a time as possible.  If you’re not a member on Facebook, you can still search for Costa’s Supermarket and see our posts.  It would be a good idea to check regularly as we pass these SPOT BUY savings on to you!