WEEK #5, JANUARY 30th 2023

Dear Customers,

The wintriest month of the year is behind us!  Sure, we’ll have lots more snow and ice in the remaining months of winter and even into spring, but interspersed with the cold throughout February, March and even April will be some periods of thaw, sunshine and even some unseasonably warm temperatures.  You don’t usually get that in January, however.

Later this week, one rather lethargic groundhog will be dragged kicking and screaming out of his burrow only to declare that winter will be with us for six more weeks-at least.  That inevitably angers some folks!  Probably explains why in Pennsylvania, there are no bag limits on woodchucks and the hunting season covers all but 6 days a year!

Keep in mind that the Super Bowl is on February 12th this year which is in less than two weeks.  Now’s the time to be planning your big game snacks and drinks.  Costa’s Deli is the go-to place for all things delicious and priced right.  In addition to our very popular subs and pizzas, we have the extremely well-liked chicken tid-bits; chunks of boneless chicken breast, deep fried in our famous low-salt breading and then slathered with your favorite wing sauce.  If you’re not sure just what your favorite sauce is, there’s a list on our website under the tab “About Us”.

Same goes for our fresh-dough hot and ready pizzas.  If you’re like most people, you have one or even two favorites that you go for each and every time.  I’m like that and so’s my wife.  The old “tried and true” fills the bill most of the time.  But when it come to Costa’s pizzas, I’m certain there are several that are destined to become your “new” favorite.  All you have to do is give them a try.

Maybe you’re a cheese and pepperoni fan. . . why not try our Goliath Pepperoni Pizza?  It features 18 GIANT size slices of sandwich pepperoni which practically cover the entire crust!  My personal favorite is one I invented myself.  The Chicken-Cordon-Bleu pizza uses chicken gravy instead of tomato sauce and is literally covered with chicken breast cubes, ham chunks and slices of Swiss cheese.  It’s not your same old-same old pizza and it’s absolutely delicious.   Our Reuben Pizza will make you think every day is St. Paddy’s Day.  On top of the special dressing, we layer authentic corned beef, fresh sauerkraut and Swiss Cheese.  Now’s the perfect time to experiment before the party starts!