Dear Customers,

In August of 1966 I started the 7th grade at Smethport Area Jr. Sr. High School.  Being the lowest of the low, seventh graders kept to themselves and tried to remain invisible.  Especially when it was time for lunch.  As the bell rang, there was a literal stampede to get near the front of either of the two cafeteria lines.  Fortunately, there were three lunch periods and the 7th & 8th graders lunched earlier thus avoiding most of the upperclassmen.

I remember distinctly on the days when chicken was the main course, that the cafeteria ladies would often put out an extra tray at the end of the line which was full of the parts of the chicken that nobody wanted; hearts, gizzards and wings.  A few of my less discerning classmates would avail themselves of this supplemental bounty but for the most part, the array went untouched.  Even though a couple of years earlier at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo they were inventing the snack that would rock the country, this culinary masterpiece was still a virtual unknown in the halls of SAHS.

It is estimated that 1.42 BILLION chicken wings will be eaten on February 12th, this year’s Super Sunday!  As their popularity rose, so did their price.  When the Cottage House on Fulton Street was in its heyday, “wing night” offered the little gems for 25¢ each, as long as you were willing to wait!  Now, with the heightened demand and effects of Avian Flu, wing prices have risen substantially.

As the NFL added a 17th regular season for each team this year for the first time. . . Super Bowl Sunday is also a week later than it’s been; February 12th.  It just so happens that this is also the week that we have scheduled our February Meat Bonanza.  The deals in all departments will abound this week.  Make sure a visit (or two) to Costa’s Supermarket is in your plans for this week.  We’ll certainly make it worth your while!