WEEK #33 AUGUST 14th, 2023

Dear Customers,

The McKean County Fair comes to town this week for its 117th visit.  I’ve been alive for way more than half of those, but the fair still holds a special amount of magic for me.  I’ll admit that my interest has centered on different aspects over these many years.

As a boy, I was way more concerned with the flashing lights, colorful rides and, if my mom was feeling particularly generous, a chance at winning a goldfish or a plastic sword!  A candy apple and maybe a sno-cone or some cotton candy were the crowning touches of a perfect day at “the Fair”!

As I got older my tastes changed.  My inner ear made spinning rides much less enjoyable, and my taste palette began to switch from sweet to savory!  One of the things I really enjoyed eating at the fair from my twenties on was an Italian sausage sandwich.  Most grocery stores around here really didn’t offer it back then and the one time of year I could enjoy it was Fair Week!  Plus, some things just seem to taste better when eaten at the fair.

Over the decades, we’ve cultivated quite a following for our Costa’s Supermarket Italian Sausage.  We have many customers who come from miles away – even states away – to buy it.  The most common comment from customers is that “it’s absolutely the best”.  We find ourselves in an age when more and more butcher shops (and meat departments) are discontinuing the practice of making their own sausage due to time constraints and labor shortages.  That’s probably what makes our homemade offerings so popular.

For many, many years, the Smethport Sports Boosters trailer on the main midway at the McKean County Fair has offered our sausage sandwiches for sale.  For some visitors, it would just not be the Fair without it!  And too – when you patronize the Sports Boosters you are helping support athletics at Smethport High School.  If you stop to think about it, it’s really a win-win.  You’re getting something absolutely delicious and helping out our student-athletes at the same time!  Stop in and see the Boosters this week!