WEEK #48 NOVEMBER 27th, 2023

Dear Customers,

There are certain things you’d like to think you can count on in life, but often can’t!  For instance, if there’s a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower happening or a Blue Moon occurring in the night sky this evening – even if the sun is brightly shining in a clear blue sky all day – by dusk the clouds will roll in and the best you’ll be able to do is hear how magnificent it was on tomorrow’s news.

The same goes for that gorgeous sweater you picked out on-line, envisioning just how great you’re gonna look in it.  It must be all the mirrors in my house. . . it never looks like it did on the model!  It probably has something to do with the disparity in our shapes!

One thing you can count on in life, however, is that Costa’s Supermarket will be here this week and every week for all your hunting and holiday needs.  With everything from fresh meats, delicious baked goods, garden fresh produce and the best assortment of pizzas, wings, cold cuts and ready-to-eat entrees and deli platters for you to choose from.

When I was a box-boy, back in the 70’s I could swear that out-of-town and out-of-state hunters must have stood up from the Thanksgiving dinner table and headed to McKean County.   It often seemed, in those days, that turning out the lights at 9:00 was no deterrent to customers heading to hunting camp!  Locking the doors might have worked, but there was no way my Dad was going to let me refuse to wait on anyone!

These days, while there are far fewer visiting hunters than there used to be, we still have the best selection, quality and shopping hours available.  So if you’re heading into camp or just operating out of your home, we will be ready and fully-stocked with everything you could possibly need.27