WEEK #52 DECEMBER 25th – 31st, 2023

Dear Customers,

Some of you are no doubt feeling a modicum of relief about now.  The furor, the clamor and the chaos of virtually the entire month of December is behind you.  The only thing left to do is pay for everything you bought!  Oh well, you still have a couple of weeks before the credit card bills start showing up in the mailbox!

My emotions border more on melancholy rather than relief this time of year.  After the excitement of December, there is little to look forward to from now until Spring.  Easter is earlier this year, the 31st of March.  But there’s precious little between now and then to lighten my mood.  Coupled with that, my wife has put me on a diet starting today, that frowns on everything edible and delicious.  It promises to be a bleak winter!

Some of you are no doubt looking forward to New Year’s Eve this Sunday night.  Since early adulthood, I’ve adopted the stance that, “it’ll still be January 1st even if I don’t see it until the next morning.”   I used to stay up to watch the ball drop but, in my opinion, the word “anticlimactic” is a perfect description of the whole event.  And Ryan Seacrest is a poor substitute for Dick Clark!  Just sayin’!

But if you’re planning on either hosting or attending a party to ring in the new year, you cannot go wrong with one of our 20 or so deli party platters or a succulent beef roast in the form of beef on Weck from the meat department – all just a phone call away at Costa’s Supermarket (814-887-5721 and 814-887-9371 (deli)).  An added bonus for the past few years is that you can also pick up your wine and beer at the same stop!  We will be open normal hours leading up to the new year, 7am – 9pm except we open at 8am on Sunday as usual.

One of the few days of the year that we “adjust” our hours is New Year’s Day.  We will be open from 8am – 6pm that day, so get in early and pick up your Football Bowl watching snacks and drinks.  Then, on January 2nd, next Tuesday, we will be instituting our WINTER HOURS.  We still open at the same time, but we will be closing an hour earlier at 8pm until the weather moderates in the Spring!   Happy New Year – c’mon 2024!