WEEK #3 JANUARY 15th, 2024

Dear Customers,

We find ourselves safely ensconced in the middle of the month of January, with little to look forward to on the near horizon – other than the obvious of course; frigid temperatures, snow, ice, dark gray skies and at least three seed catalogs in every day’s mail!

Fortunately for a few more weeks, there are still NFL games on the calendar, which I find oddly comforting.  As a kid growing up, the season lasted a mere 14 games.  The NFL was the old staid league with teams like the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The upstart American Football League featured eight teams including the N.Y. Titans, Buffalo Bills and Houston Oilers.  It wasn’t until the N.Y. Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowls 3 & 4, after the Packers had won the first two, that a merger between the two leagues became a reality!  From those humble beginnings of eight AFL teams and 14 NFL teams, the combined league grew to today’s 32 teams.

And what goes great with watching an NFL game?  Why three things come to mind; delicious salty snacks, your favorite beverage(s) and buddies you can harass when their teams aren’t doing as well as yours!  When it comes to snack food, consider the lowly chicken wing.  Once reviled by snackers all over the world as unworthy of their attention due to their diminutive size, the chicken wing has taken its rightful place atop the elite of party delicacies.

In a little less than a month from now, Americans will eat about a billion and a half of the little morsels on Super Bowl Sunday!  Therefore, you only have a few short weeks to get into shape.  After all, if you were planning on running a marathon, you’d at least get in a few pre-race workouts, wouldn’t you?  Costa’s Deli (814-887-9371 direct line) offers over 20 delicious varieties of chicken wings, and you can get them either plain or breaded.  Whether you can eat 5 or 50 all by yourself, it’s time to start “training” so that you’ll be ready when you’re called to perform!