WEEK #9 FEBRUARY 26th, 2024

Dear Customers,

In the year I was born, 1954, a movie was released that I wouldn’t even see for several more decades!  It was a romantic musical set in the highlands of Scotland and concerned a magical village that only appeared out of the Scottish mists for one day every 100 years.

I feel like I’ve just lived through a week that disappeared into the mists of Lake Erie.  Thanks to the magic of anesthesia and the narcotic effects of certain medicines, I don’t remember much about the week other than it was foggy, drizzly and wet out my obstructed “scenic” view of the parking garage.  My wife, Heather, having attended Penn Sate Behrend before transferring to main campus, always referred to the climate on the shores of the great lake as “dreary-Erie”- a very apt description I was saddened to find out.

Knowing that I’d be in no condition to write this weekly column as I had done for nearly the past 50 years or so, I suggested to both my sons, Josh and Noah that perhaps it was time for them to take over and at least try their hand at “Dear Customers”.  You’d have thought I had just said something remarkably funny!  It isn’t a big surprise that they weren’t interested in “ghost” writing for me as I seriously doubt either of them have ever read a single one of them.

So, I wrote last week’s column a week early and this week’s column a week late.  Nobody seemed to notice – nor care!  You won’t however see me around the supermarket much for a while other than a short visit now and again.  I have strict instructions to take it easy and thanks to the magic of the internet and the ability to “dial-in” from home I am going to do just that.  I have several family members who can courier the necessary paperwork to me and all I truly need right now – is a little sunshine!