WEEK #10 MARCH 4th

Dear Customers,

Many years ago, one of the member stores at the now defunct Olean Wholesale, got the innovative idea of staging a “Beef Bonanza”.  Originally, beef was the only animal featured, but regardless, it was a huge success.  So much so that the idea began traveling around to all the member stores as a way to boost sales and create some excitement in the meat department over the traditionally slow winter months.

Like most special sales, it featured attractive prices which included incentives for buying in bulk.  Costa’s Supermarket, though late to the party, began running a “Meat Bonanza” sale incorporating not only beef, but pork, chicken and cold cuts as well as our famous Italian sausage.  We ran this attractive sale about 3 or 4 times a year and it was always successful in that it generated a lot of excitement among our customers.

Thanks to the scourge that has become known as the Covid Pandemic, we found ourselves increasing the frequency of these Bonanzas because people appreciated them so much particularly with the financial uncertainty running rampant across the country and even the world.  Now, we try to run a Bonanza every month and it is a big deal.  People look forward to the savings and use that opportunity to stock their freezers or to plan ahead for an upcoming big event like a family reunion or even a wedding reception.

This week is our March Meat Bonanza and while originally the sale lasted only Friday, Saturday & Sunday, it later became Tuesday through Saturday.  It made perfect sense to expand the dates to run from Monday morning through Sunday night.  People were not as hard pressed to get to the store on specific days and they voice their appreciation. So with that in mind, you can rest assured that our sale prices will be in effect starting when we open on Monday morning, March 4th and right on up through and including closing on Sunday night, Marach 10th.

Stop in and check out the savings.  We promise that it’ll be worth your trip!