WEEK #17 APRIL 22nd, 2024

Dear Customers,

It might have happened once or twice during my years in Elementary School, and it usually was preceded by the words, “What I Did Last Summer!”  It happened far more frequently in High School.  You know the feeling.  A teacher, often quite without warning, assigns a “paper” or written essay on some innocuous topic you have little if any interest in!

In those BI days (Before Internet), you would usually have to make a trip (or several) to the library and start with the card catalog or the Encyclopedia Brittanica.  Nowadays, you merely Google the topic on the internet to get instantaneous information on virtually any and every subject under the stars.   I face a similar dilemma every week and that’s “what do I write the column about this week?”

Once I have the topic, it’s not hard to find words to say – I’m that outspoken – but finding the topic is often the sticking point.  Writing, as I do, a month in advance, I often forget to check the calendar about what is happening when the column sees the light of day.

A similar conundrum is shared by most people entrusted with the decision, “what’s for dinner?”  That’s why we often turn to the same old tried-and-true meals night after night, week after week.  I’m offering a suggestion below that perhaps offers a new twist on an old favorite.  It takes only about 10 minutes to prepare and cooks in about 15 minutes!

4 PORK CHOPS (cut about ¾” thick) 2 teaspoons vegetable or olive oil
¼ cup strawberry preserves 1 tablespoon mustard
¼ cup apple cider vinegar  




  1. Heat oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Add pork chops, cook and turn until brown on both sides. Reduce heat to low.
  2. In a small bowl, stir together strawberry preserves, mustard and vinegar. Pour sauce over pork chops. Cover pan. Cook pork chops for 8 min., or until the sauce has thickened and internal temperature on a thermometer reads 145°F, followed by a 3-min. rest time. To serve, spoon glaze over each chop.

Serve with oven baked potato wedges and corn.