WEEK #18 APRIL 29th – MAY 5th


Dear Customers,

As we head into May, the opportunities for parties, celebrations and commemorations increase exponentially!  There are pre-Prom gatherings, graduation parties galore as well as the family reunion season which is just getting under way.

Planning an event, whether it’s for a small family or a large group, is always easier when you can seek out a little professional help!  Costa’s deli-bakery and meat departments are absolutely chocked full of experienced, knowledgeable staff that are virtually experts when it comes to food; how to cook it, how much to cook and what goes good with what!

Whether its for a casual get together involving pizza, wings and subs or a major event with freshly roasted beef on Kummelweck, assorted salads & sides galore not to mention hand-crafted desserts – Costa’s is the place to go for anything and everything food related.

Our baker’s talents know no bounds.  You ask for what you want, and they’ll see that you get exactly that!  The best part about utilizing our staff for your special events is that it takes the burden off your shoulders and puts it squarely on ours.  So that you can relax and enjoy your guests, which after all, is exactly why you invited them in the first place!