WEEK #22 MAY 27th, 2024

Dear Customers,

Even though our warehouse carries thousands upon thousands of items from which we can stock our shelves, there are still those times when a different product or perhaps a different brand is exactly what you are looking for.  While some grocery stores make no effort to accommodate special requests posed to us by our customers, we are of the belief that if we can get something you want, we will make every effort to do so!

For many, many years, we incorporated a supplementary supplier in addition to our primary warehouse, just for that reason.  It allowed us the flexibility to purchase items that were a little bit more specialized and weren’t available from our warehouse.  Over the years, we became less enamored of the choices they afforded us, particularly when they started bringing in duplicate items of the ones we already carried from our primary warehouse.  It didn’t make good sense to have the same item from two different vendors at different costs and retails!

Finally, back in February, we cut the cord with our long-time secondary supplier and began looking around for another company to fill our needs.  Even once the decision to sever ties with them was made, merchandise that had been pre-ordered still trickled in for several weeks.  In the meantime, we took that opportunity to forge a new relationship with another backup supplier.

The best part about them is that they offer nearly as many items as our primary supplier, most of them different.  And they are arriving on the same delivery trucks, which negates the possibility of receiving the same product with multiple costs and retails as we often did before.  What this means for you, the customer, is that you now have the buying selection of a much larger supermarket with more brands, and even more selection.  In addition, we have taken this opportunity to lower the prices of everything we have obtained from the new company to date in keeping with our plans to lower thousands upon thousands of retails throughout the store!27