WEEK #23 JUNE 3rd-9th, 2024

Dear Customers,

Old age has rendered my vocal cords nearly as decrepit as all the rest of my organs!  It wasn’t always that way, however.  Once upon a time I sang in the school choirs, for the Swingin’ 70’s (and 60’s prior to that) and often soloed at wedding ceremonies – including my own!

The spring of 1966 I was chosen to sing at (what I vaguely remember was referred to as) County Choir, held at Port Allegany High School that year.  Nearly 60 years later I can still remember the lyrics to the song we performed Saturday night for parents and friends: “June is Bustin’ Out All Over” from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Carousel.  That was one of two numbers we performed – the other being “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”, but the lyrics are a little sketchier in my memory for that one.

When we sang “June”, the song was barely 20 years old and had already reserved its place in the list of musical theatre classics.  Next year, it will be 80 years old, and I remember it every year on or about the first of June!  Besides being my absolute favorite most beautiful month of the year, June is memorable for other notable distinctions.  Schools all over the nation begin their lengthy summer vacation with few occurrences bringing more joy to kids everywhere than that singular event.

With summer vacations come graduation ceremonies and, ultimately, graduation parties.  Sure, you can do all the work yourself, if you don’t have other obligations.  Or you can call Costa’s Supermarket where our Meat, Deli & Bakery departments are in the business of making your life easier when it comes to planning and carrying out your party needs.

One of the most important and specialized pieces of any graduation party is the graduation cake.  Our bakery department has some of the finest cake designers and decorators in the area on staff and all you need to know is for how many guests and if you have any specific requests for color, flavor and shape.  Call 814-887-9371 and talk to the experts.  Then just sit back and enjoy your special moment!