WEEK #50 DECEMBER 11, 2023

Dear Customers,

This week marks the first of two weeks of Christmas special sales.  The bulk of the items in this week’s ad will be repeated next week – just as we did for Thanksgiving.  This practice works out well for our customers, particularly those who may get paid on an off week.  There’s no need to miss a special price just because it might happen to fall on a non-paycheck week!

By now, Christmas preparations are in full swing all over the country and most of the world as well.  With the holiday falling on a Monday this year, you’ll have a full 7 days of shopping in the week before to enable you to take advantage of any deals, specials or Facebook bargains on our website.  You’ve probably also, by now, identified those hard-to-buy-for people on your shopping list.

You’ve racked your brain and ultimately discarded every idea you’ve come up with for whatever reason.  “Maybe they won’t like it, maybe they don’t need it, it won’t be here in time for the holiday, it’s in short supply and delivery isn’t guaranteed, or maybe it’s just way more than you wanted to spend!”  All valid reasons that leave you in a quandary about just what to get for that difficult person (or persons) on your list.

Might I suggest a custom-built fruit basket, a gift certificate or a gift card (from our extensive assortment in several denominations)?  A fruit basket can be customized to your exact needs and preferences.  Gift certificates can be purchased for any amount you want to spend, and you’ll be content in knowing that your thoughtfulness will be appreciated and certainly used.  After all, we all have to eat – some of us more than others.

Gift cards are great for the person whom you just aren’t sure what they would like.  Available in many denominations and you don’t have to wait for them to arrive in the mail.  They’re right here in the store and can be activated at our service counter on the spot!